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The hardware and history of




Netcraft data



Sharp VC-A5641

Dynatech VR-20

Hewlett-Packard LaserJet II and III

Marantz Model 1090 Amplifier

Bose 301 woofer refoaming

Jager FBS-987 clock radio

 A Snapper lawn mower with Briggs & Stratton engine!


An overview of Hitachi S-806c, S-900, and S-6000 series scanning electron microscopes.

Cross-section pictures of different types of memory at various stages in the manufacturing process.

SRAM memory, with the insulating layers chemically removed.

Pictures of surface defects from KLA wafer inspection machines.

The Commodore VIC-20.

Various documents...

Marathon 2:Durandal


More interesting stuff:

US Navy Report on salvage of the S-51, 1926 (by Lieutenant Commander Edward Ellsberg, mirrored from an old Geocities site with, I hope, proper credit given).