1976 Fiat 124 Sport Spider


This is another Ebay gem - it was near Lovettsville, Virginia. We drove Justin's Amigo up to get it, crashed at Elizabeth's house in Roanoke, and towed it allll the way back to Austin. We set the trip meter when we loaded it onto the dolly, and when we got home, it had rolled up 1504 miles. Not too shabby. The car turned out to be in only fair shape - the previous owner but one had made a lot of racing modifications to it. Whether or not these made the car go really, really, ridiculously fast is still in question. The engine started, but only ran for a few seconds, since the fuel lines were totally rotted, and I just poured some gas in the carb. All the linkages were frozen with rust, and I had to spray some WD-40 around to get them mobile.


It turned out to have some nice BWA wheels on it, though. Field mice and pine needles were a bonus.



These cars never cease to amaze me. I vacuumed out the debris around the plugs, oiled the cylinders, put some new plugs in it and it started. It ran long enough to drive into the garage.

I don't think I'm going to get any girls in this car, though. It's not quite as bad as Justin's was, but it was a field-mouse funhouse in there. When we removed the interior, the reek of mouse nearly made us pass out. The car turned out to be a real mongrel, with the 1600 engine, drivetrain, and interior and exterior bits from a 1973 Spider. The rust was pretty bad too - pretty much all over the car, in all the bad spots. So after some discussion, we decided we needed the parts more than we needed the car, and we stripped it, quartered the shell, and hauled off the pile of Italian steel in the back of Justin's dad's truck. We got $10 for it.