1982 Fiat Spider 2000


The brakes were generally OK on this car. Most problems with Fiat brakes arise from neglect, and such was the case here. After years of sitting, the right rear brake had finally locked the wheel, and the others were not in much better condition. Also, the brake fluid resembled maple syrup.

I got rebuild kits for all four wheels, and then new rubber hoses when I discovered that the brake which had seized had done so because of a swollen hose causing hydraulic lock. After started on the rears, I discovered that they were pretty worn so I ordered new pads and rotors. (N.B. Fiat rotors should not be machined. They are very cheap (~$15), just get new ones.) I also got a new master cylinder and a rear brake compensator since I don't want to be tearing into the system again three months after I get the car running.