U. S. Navy Department
Report on Salvage Operations
Submarine S-51

SPECIAL THANKS to Mark Grieshaber for his endless hours of hard work to make the availability of this document possible. (See Mark's editiorial notes at the bottom of this page.)

WEBMASTER NOTES: This 104-page document has been divided into six sections to allow for ease in downloading and printing. Original page breaks have been noted with a dotted line and the page number to the right. Graphics for Figures have been shrunk to thumbnail size within the document to save downloading time. You may click on the thumbnail image of the photo to see it enlarged. Full indexing is available through hyperlinks to specific page numbers, Figures, or Plates both within the text and in the Indices section.


Editorial Notes by Mark Grieshaber
Indices: pp. i-vi (Title Page, Index, List of Plates & Figures, and List of Appendixes)
Section 1: pp. 1-14
Section 2: pp. 15-33
Section 3: pp. 34-48
Section 4: pp. 49-59
Section 5: pp. 60-81
Section 6: pp. 82-104 (Includes Appendixes)

Editorial Notes by Mark Grieshaber

Transcription notes on the scan / ocr / edit process for document
"Report on Salvage Operations, Submarine S-51", by Edward Ellsberg.

The goal:

Convert the text to online form to make it as widely accessible as possible.

Some notes on the scan/ocr/edit process:


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